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All About Nancy McKeon


Born Nancy Justine McKeon on April 4, 1966, the actress known as Nancy McKeon began her acting career at a very young age; at the age of two years old, to be exact. After performing in several television commercials, Nancy McKeon got her big break in 1980 when she was chosen to fill the role of “Jo Polnichek” on the popular television sitcom The Facts of Life. Nancy McKeon remained on The Facts of Life for eight years, until its cancellation in 1988. She then took a bit of a hiatus from acting, only to reappear on television in 1995’s Can’t Hurry Love. Nancy’s next hit television series was The Division, which ran on the Lifetime Television network from 2001 to 2004. Aside from her acting career, Nancy has also provided the voices for a few popular animated characters and has appeared in television movies, films and mini-series. Today, Nancy is married mother of two living in Austin, Texas. The following links will explore Nancy McKeon’s personal history, photos and videos, television and movie credits, fan tribute sites, and more recent articles on what she’s been doing in the past few years.

Biography/Personal Life

Nancy Justine McKeon was born on April 4, 1966 in Westbury, New York. Her family relocated to California in the mid-1970s when her brother Phillip won a role playing the character “Tommy” on the television sitcom Alice. Nancy also continued to pursue acting roles in television commercials and on soap operas in California, and also landed voice roles in animated series and specials. Nancy is most famous for her role as “Jo Polnichek” on television’s The Facts of Life. She has starred in television series, made-for-TV movies, and feature films, but has always been best remembered as her original character, “Jo”. Nancy McKeon married key grip Marc Andrus in 2003, and gave birth to their daughter Aurora in March 2004 and to another daughter, named Harlow, in 2006.

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Photos and Videos

There are many photos of Nancy McKeon that can be found all over the Internet. Some of these images are of Nancy McKeon as a young child actress, while others follow her as she matured and went on to star in television and film roles as an adult. Video clips of Nancy McKeon are also available on the Internet; some may be clips of Nancy’s different acting roles. Some of the following websites include images of Nancy, clips of Nancy’s television and movie roles. Others feature full-length episodes of some television series in which Ms. McKeon starred, including clips of The Facts of Life.

Television and Movie Credits

Nancy McKeon has been in four major films and has held approximately 40 television roles throughout her career, including series, movies and mini-series. Nancy McKeon has proven herself to be quite a versatile actress who can move from comedy to drama easily. She has also provided the voices for animated characters and has appeared in episodes of the ABC Weekend Special.

One of Ms. McKeon’s greatest acting attributes, according to her fellow actors, is her ability to cry on command. While Nancy McKeon’s most famous role remains her character, “Jo Polnichek” on The Facts of Life, modern-day audiences may recognize her better as Sonny’s mother, “Connie Munroe”, on the Disney Channel’s television series Sonny with a Chance. In addition to starring and supporting roles, Nancy McKeon has won many awards for both her television and movie acting skills over the years, including Young Artist Awards, TV Land Awards, Prism Awards and the Marco Island Film Festival.

Present Day/Updates on Nancy McKeon

Many casual fans of Nancy McKeon may wonder what has happened to the talented actress in recent years. Fans, will be delighted to find that Ms. McKeon has rarely stopped working. She, of course, was famous for her role as “Jo Polnichek” in television’s The Facts of Life in the 1980s, then starred in a variety of television movies and series. Finally, she landed the role of Inspector “Jinny Extead” in Lifetime Television’s The Division, which ran for 88 episodes. Nancy McKeon took some time off to get married in 2003, and to give birth to daughters Aurora in 2004 and Harlow in 2006. Since 2009, Ms. McKeon has enjoyed success and has been seen regularly in the role of “Connie Munroe” on the Disney Channel’s Sonny with a Chance. The actress shows no signs of slowing down.

Fan or General Websites

It is amazing when one contemplates the number of fan websites that exist and the interest in Nancy McKeon’s career and personal life. For an actress who achieved her greatest fame in the 1980s, Ms. McKeon’s fans are still quite loyal, supportive, and interested in following up with this American Sweetheart. Many fan and general websites supporting Nancy McKeon can be found on the Internet. While some fans have favorite McKeon roles, such as Ms. McKeon’s role of “Jo Polnichek” on The Facts of Life, other fan websites feature information on other prominent and non-prominent roles Nancy McKeon has played, both on television and in the movies. All of the fans who have created and maintain these websites display a high level of appreciation and regard for the life and career of this fine actress.